Life with Light

I have the power to create abundance in my life.
I invite and welcome money into my life.
I open my life to prosperity.
I am grateful for the opportunity to increase my income.
I attract opportunities into my life.
Wonderful things are unfolding all around me.
I am grateful that I can appreciate what I have today.
I can feel how wonderful it be when will this opportunity arrives.
The universe has my best interests at heart.
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Everything in my life is unfolding as it should.
I am at peace and have complete faith that everything is working out according to plan.
I am welcoming the new energy as it arrives in my life.
I feel vital, and have more than enough engery to do what I must do.
The positive change occurring in my life is a blessing.
I can feel the difference my positive mental attitude has on my body.
I am grateful for my body's physical strength.
I open myself to recieve with gratitude; all healing messages.
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